Reasons You Should Start Using Google Plus

30When Google Plus first appeared on the scene, we understand you being skeptical about signing up as the site just did not have the masses that Facebook and Twitter did. And right then, another social network was the last thing that you needed. A couple of years have passed, and if you still feel the same, then there is definitely scope for you to change this belief. Things have changed since then and if you are still wondering if g+ is meant for your business, take a look at the benefits before you pass your judgment.

All Google features are integrated

Google has the ability to integrate many features into one single social network. So when you sign up for g+, you are not just leveraging upon that site, but you can also use the benefits of Google Maps and Places. This lets your customers find you easily. Imagine this same process on Facebook, where your customer can read about you but not find directions to reach to you. This is not a problem with g+ at all since all these feature are integrated. So at a time, when majority of the internet users use Google maps to find their way around, it surely makes sense if you are on Google+.

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Connect with Friends on Social Network Sites

29People have been using social network sites to connect with their family and friends. They also follow individuals and organizations that help them understand what’s going on around the world and share their interests.

Social networking sites provide a way for people to share photos and explore photos share videos and watch videos, and share stories. Then you can connect with friends and meet new ones. It is a place if you are looking for a job or a new person to love.

Social networks have become more popular, and the demographics of their users keep on changing. There are new ones trying to get their share of the user base, such as Twinbe.

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New Social Media Duvamis Promises Complete Anonymity

28The existing social networks are online platforms which reproduce different aspects of the material and social world of the individual. Using these platforms people transfer their real life online. The existing web sites and social networks allow their users to interact with real people from their social lives or to establish new social and professional contacts. They are able to receive information about real events taking place in the social world, to find entertainment in their free time, to shop, to manage their finances, and so on and so forth.

What is lacking on the Internet, however, is an environment wherein people are able to express their inner self and their spiritual world. They need to realize their full mental potential without fear of being criticized, without having to meet the expectations of society, without being judged for their thoughts and feelings. This is an issue, that has been discussed millions of times throughout the history of mankind.

A new social network, called Duvamis, went live several months ago. According to its founders, one of Duvamis goals is “to provide absolute freedom for the individuals as users to create and manage a large number of so called “virtual visions” by liberating their inner world of imagination and needs. They are entitled to create visions based on their own imagination and personification and via the visions to observe and communicate with other virtual visions, to accept or decline contacts, to form legions with other virtual visions, to bequeath (transfer for navigation to other creators) their own visions. Thus, the individual is to become the main creator of the virtual world – of his own human world of the mind”.

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Services of Asking and Answering Questions Collective Work and Social Networking

27The Internet cardinally turns peoples’ minds. We have the impression that we can find any information using Google, Yahoo, Yandex and others. But traditional semantic search engines are not absolutely convenient for retrieval exact answers. Therefore new services of questions and answers recently become very popular. The new services of questions and answers are the best way to ask questions and instantly get exact answers without long-term filtering.

For teens things such as Google Baraza,, and others have become available help for their homework. Fortunately, there are lacks of professionals who love to share tips and sites that collect such enthusiasts.

1. Typical Q&A Services

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Duvamis Claims Anonymous Online Communication is Good for Society

26Recently, there are many debates about the continuing lost of users online privacy. Major social platforms reveal our data to companies, advertisers and governments and we don’t even know what they can do with it.

For this reason new anonymous social networks, such as Duvamis have arisen. Their main goal is to protect the privacy and individuality of the users by creating a safe online environment, where everyone can express himself in total anonymity. Here are some of the arguments why such anonymity can be in favor of society and future online communication.

1) Man expresses himself in a more truthful manner when he is anonymous

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